With its introduction in 1994, Acutrak® Headless Compression Screw technology revolutionized the way surgeons treat fractures, fusions, and osteotomies. Acutrak 2® introduced the next generation in fully threaded headless fixation, with larger guide wires, larger hex drivers, and a tapered end.

The Acutrak 2 System is routinely used in a number of lower- and upper-extremity fracture fixations, including those featured below.

Jones Fracture Fixation

See the advantages of using Acutrak when repairing a Jones fracture.
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Medial-Lateral Malleolus Fracture Fixation

Compression, rotational stability, and more: Explore the Acutrak Advantage in Medial-Lateral Malleolus fracture fixation.

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Triple Arthrodesis

Acutrak screw technology may be advantageous for talonavicular, subtalar, and calcaneocuboid fusions because a headless compression screw is designed to minimize soft tissue irritation.

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Calcaneal Osteotomy

See the advantages of using Acutrak when performing a calcaneal osteotomy.
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Dorsal Scaphoid

See how the Acutrak 2 screw effectively reduces and secures dorsal scaphoid fractures while maintaining rotational stability.
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4-Corner Fusion

The Acutrak Mini screw used in a 4-corner fusion procedure.
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